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What is a Byzantine Catholic Church?


The early Christian Faith began in the East. Jesus Christ, himself, was born, lived, died and rose in the lands now known as the Middle East.

Today this Eastern Faith finds itself in a Western world - America. Both East and West exist to glorify God. In our unique way we praise God's love, blessings and salvation for His people.

A Christian Calendar


Beginning in September, the Eastern Christian Churches follow a liturgical calendar that celebrates and commemorates ​a year of prayers, feasts and spiritual events to help us live out the presence of God in the lives of His People.

Gospel and Epistle Readings assist us in focussing on major events in Christian Salvation History. Feasts Days and Hymns remind us of the actions of the Saints who responded to the Call from God and brought so many others to the Word. 

St Andrew's Church

275 Ellison Avenue

Westbury, NY 11590


Fr. Nicholas Daddona


(516)  404-1162


About Our Church


"Although there are two great traditions, that of the West and that of the East, to which it is indebted, through both of them Christian Europe professes one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all."  St. Pope John Paul II, the world's first Slavic Pope

St Andrew the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church

Over Forty Years of Loving Service 

Bringing the Eastern Catholic Faith and Traditions to Long Island ​​

Our Beginnings


The first Divine Liturgy in St. Andrew the Apostle Church was celebrated on December 25, 1974. Bishop Michael Dudick established this parish to service the Byzantine Catholics who had moved from New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan) to the suburbs of Long Island initiating the presence of our Eastern Catholic Faith in Nassau County.​​

We are Catholic


St Andrew's Church is truly an American Eastern Catholic Church. Our services, songs and homilies are conducted in English, the language of this country; while our Theology and Traditions go back to the foundation of the early Christian Church.

Our Parish Community


Each week the parishioners raise their voices in heart-felt joy for God's Blessings on their faith-filled congregation. Whether it be Spiritual events, such as the Divine Liturgy, Lenten Services or Adult Discussion Groups; or fund-raising activities, such as Bake Sales, the Theotokos Tea or GCU Luncheons, the members of St Andrew's Church join together often to enhance their spiritual lives and in loving service to their parish.

Byzantine Catholic Tradition?

Yes - We are a Catholic Church

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St Andrew the Apostle
Byzantine Catholic Church
Living the Traditions of the Catholic Faith
Christ is Among Us!
Now and Forever!

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