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St Panteleimon

Glorious Physician and Healer

Holy Great Martyr and Healer, 


imitator of God’s mercy! 

Look down in your loving kindness and hear us sinners, 

who offer heartfelt prayers to you. 

Ask for us from the Lord God, 

before Whom the Angels stand in heaven, 

remission of our sins and transgressions.

Heal the ills of body and soul of the servants of God 

and of all Christians who seek help.

For behold, we who suffer with bitter ills,

cry to you for aid, 

since you have been given Grace to pray for us 

and to heal every ill and every disease.

Grant , therefore to all of us, by your holy prayers, 

health and strength of soul and body, 

a good growth in the Faith and in devotion, 

and all that is needful in this temporal life and for our salvation: 

So that, having been granted great and rich mercy through you, 

we may glorify you and Him that bestows all good things, 

our God Who is wondrous in His Saints, 

the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.